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All-Natural Treatment

Locally Trusted Mosquito Control Company

Starting At$115*

Effectiveness14 Days

Mosquito Police proudly provides an excellent all-natural option for mosquito and tick control, perfect for customers seeking an organic solution for their yards and properties. This eco-friendly treatment covers every corner of your outdoor space, including any ponds, and is remarkably effective at reducing 85%-95% of mosquitoes and ticks. To maintain this high level of protection, our all-natural treatments are reapplied every 14 days, ensuring your outdoor areas remain as pest-free as possible.

Eco-Friendly Mosquito and Tick Solution

While our all-natural treatment is slightly less effective than our traditional non-organic mosquito and tick treatments, which last for up to 14 days, it offers a valuable alternative for those preferring an organic approach. This service caters to customers who prioritize environmentally friendly solutions without compromising on quality mosquito and tick control.

  • Child and Pet-Friendly
  • Cost-Effective
  • Organic Treatment
  • Season-Long Protection Plan
  • Specialized for Sensitive Areas
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Harmonizing Nature and Protection

Our all-natural mosquito and tick control service is designed with an emphasis on maintaining the natural harmony of your outdoor environment. By employing organic methods, we ensure that the beauty and ecological integrity of your yard are preserved. This treatment is particularly ideal for those who appreciate a more holistic approach to yard care, offering peace of mind that the outdoor space remains in tune with nature. It's an excellent choice for gardens, as our eco-friendly solutions support biodiversity while effectively managing mosquito and tick populations. Opting for our all-natural treatment not only provides reliable pest control but also aligns with a lifestyle that values and respects the natural world.

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